Who is Zoo?

Don't worry, We are here to tell you!

Hey dudes! We are Zoo! We are an indie rock band based out of a cozy basement bedroom in Calgary, Canada. Our music has been described as good vibes, catchy melodies, and punchy instrumentals, all put together by vocals that feel as though you are being told a story by a close friend. 

The band formed back in June of 2020 when longtime hockey teammates Jake Johnston (Guitar/Vocals) and Mattias Sampson (Drums) found out that they both played instruments. Mattias asked Jake to jam one time and jokingly suggested that they should start a band. The boys ended up jamming every week and really enjoyed doing it so the two decided to find a bassist. Jake had ended up meeting Joshua Viviers (Bass) through a mutual friend and the boys clicked instantly.

From that point on, the boys have been inseparable, putting all of their free time into making music and hanging out. The trio began playing shows in February of 2023 and have not slowed down! The lads have played iconic local venues such as The Ironwood Stage and Grill and have a number of shows lined up around the city, so if you’re around, come say hi!